Greetings From Team Sugar Bowl: The Official Road Journal!

On January 1, 2005, seven intrepid Virginia Tech students, including myself, set off for an adventurous road trip to New Orleans. The primary reason for having such a trip was the 2005 Nokia Sugar Bowl, but as we quickly discovered, it was going to be a road trip for the ages. Our adventures took us through Blacksburg, Montgomery, Bourbon Street and the French Quarter ... and beyond.

Read on for the actual journal kept during our travels, with a plethora of photographic evidence as to what we saw. First, however, you may want to take a look at the Team Roster for a quick breakdown of who's who in Team Sugar Bowl. You'll be hearing from most of them over the next few pages. You can click on the Roster and each day of the trip for relevant journal entries and pictures. There's also some random bonus stuff included at the end, for all of you patient people. Patience is a virtue, after all, and should be rewarded.

-Bret Team Sugar Bowl's Route. It's a nice big red line.

Team Sugar Bowl Roster
Pre-Trip Entries: 12/29/04
Pre-Trip Entry: 12/31/04
January 1, 2005
January 2, 2005
January 3, 2005
January 4, 2005
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