New Beginnings / My Feet Hurt And I Can’t Stay Long

Call it jumping on the bandwagon if you really want to. Every time I set out to do major updates to my website, it’s either at the urging of my many fans (the ones who want to look at new pictures) or at the behest of my own guilt in being a lazy bum for months. Usually, the main catalyst is looking at my friends’ sites and realizing how much cooler they are than mine. And what’s the latest web fad, you ask? Blogging. It’s everywhere. Teenagers are starting online diaries, guys and gals are sitting at their desks becoming political pundits, celebrities and musicians are using them to stay in touch more directly with their fans, monkeys are hitting it big, and basically the whole world is tickled pink with the Blogging Revolution. I just think it’s neat. I like expressing myself, even if no one’s going to hear it.
So I’ve added a blog. From here forward, in this space I’ll be delivering regular messages of hope, insight, comic relief, serious issues, or whatever else comes to mind. This should be fun, kids. Buckle up. And don’t forget to check out the rest of Project BS while you’re at it.
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