Dancing Kings

Today’s entry reveals a Wesley Weekend preview. We here at the home offices have been gearing up for quite a while to make this weekend spectacular for all the alums, parents, and friends that will be watching us perform. The traditional Coffeehouse is Saturday night at 7:30 in our very own auditorium, so I highly encourage you to attend that if you can, since we’ll be singing some songs AND performing skits of all shapes and sizes. The Sunday morning services at BUMC should also be fantastic; come on by at 8:00 AM or 11:00 AM.
Remember the Riverdance spoof Swampdance that all the guys in Wesley performed my freshman year? Remember the Britney dance of 2002? No?
Well, I’m here to say that the Wesley Men are once again dancing. With a vengeance. Gina, Sarah, and Katie have choreographed a great set of moves, and they’ve very nearly trained us to be dancing fools. You’ll have to come this Saturday night to find out just how tight the dance is going to be.

Marco Polo

I’ve backlisted this entry to Thursday the 24th, because that’s when I meant to post it. In the midst of all the packing and hanging out and shenanigans that usually accompany the Thursday before a lot of people go home, though, I forgot. To continue the Sneak Peek theme of the week, here is my President’s Corner article for the upcoming issue of Wesley’s newsletter, The Flame. It offers up some final reflections on Tour and the innertube water polo mythos:

Wow, what a Tour! This is always an exciting time of year for Wesley. It always seems that after Tour, everyone gains a lot of energy for our ministry, and we always ride that energy through to the end of the year. This year is no different, and it seems like the Tour energy is still a huge part of our group. It痴 made recent Wesley events, like a free alternative Christian rock concert we hosted, a thrilling success. I, for one, am very excited about ending year on such a very high note. As for the Tour itself, I hope you enjoy reading the journal entries contained in these pages as much as we enjoyed living out the week that they describe.

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Strong To The Finish ‘Cause We Eats Our Spinach

As you can read on TSPN, the Wesley Maroon co-rec innertube water polo team (the team I’m on) won the championship last night! This was my first intramural championship in my five years here; it will also likely be my last, but I’m thrilled. I’ve never been what you would call an “athletic” guy. I never really played many sports of any kind on any level all throughout high school; it’s really only been in college that I’ve even attempted to play competitively. Oftentimes, my contributions to our Wesley teams aren’t what you might call “substantial.” So, to be a part of something like this, even in a sport called innertube water polo, is something for me to really celebrate. This one’s for you, dorky sixth grade Bret!
All of the guys on the team made a pact to shave their heads after we won the semifinal game. I didn’t quite want to go that far, but I did agree to shave something. For comparison, I looked like this directly after winning the game, in a version of the photo that will be shown on the VT Rec Sports page later this year (I’d also like to point out that The Prettiest Towel from Tour 2004 has resurfaced and is making public appearances again. It’s also notable that Tour 2004 was the last time I didn’t have my goatee – that’s foreshadowing for you, kids):

Now, I look like this:

Notice the subtle differences? Gina was a bit worried about it all, but at least I didn’t shave my head. The beard will be back in about a week, whereas my hair might not have been so lucky. As for my part, I don’t think it’s a big deal, although I do keep thinking I’m back in my junior year of high school when I look in the mirror.
And though the Women weren’t quite able to pull out the victory after our game on Monday night, they still played hard and can hang their heads high. Thanks again for a great season, Wesley Maroon! It’s been a great semester for Wesley sports.

A Bookend

Posted below is my entry from the 2005 Tour Journal, which will be posted alongside the other entries in Wesley’s next Flame newsletter. Think of it as a sneak preview, released in conjunction (junction?) with my Tour 2005 Pictures! (Yes, finally a new photo gallery.) Enjoy, as this wraps up my Tour entries for now.
(And on a quick note before the meat of the story, congratulations to the Wesley Orange water polo team on claiming 3rd place in CoRec A! The CoRec B and Women’s championships are tomorrow, so I’ll be playing in and watching those. Come watch us or wish us luck! Also, happy birthday to Matt, and belated birthday wishes to Brittlea.)

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These Apples Are Delicious

There’s a lot going on in the world, but there’s also a few simple things going on that you can feel free to be excited about (I know I sure am):

  • The Wesley Innertube Water Polo juggernaut has rolled on throughout the regular season and the playoffs, and now our women’s team and the co-rec team I play on are both going to the intramural championships this coming Monday night. This is going to be the first intramural championship I’ve ever played in, so no matter the outcome of Monday’s game, I can at least say that much. It really means a lot to a guy like me, who’s never been all that athletic. All the guys on the team were talking about shaving their heads if we win, which may be presumptuous, but it’s funny anyway. As for me, my pate will stay covered, but I think my goatee will have to go if we pull out the championship. It’ll grow back in a week, anyway.
    Funny hats and innertubes that level the playing field? Brilliant!
  • Second thing to be excited about right now: this trailer. I don’t know if I can make it to May 19th!
  • Third thing to be excited about right now: this album. It seems like most of my favorite bands and artists are coming out with new material this spring and summer, and that should equal lots of good musical times for me!

So lift that chin up, folks! Get out there and find stuff to be excited about! Spring is almost officially here!