It’s been a while since I’ve written a post that used to be the standard of bloggers everywhere who didn’t have time to write something insightful: the List O’ Links. This was a regular feature in the early days of Ramble On, as longtime readers (of which there are, what, a dozen?) might remember.

Well, I have some worthy candidates, so to provide you amazing bonus content, here are some links to other interesting reading:

  • Talking Salmons – It turns out there’s another blogging Salmons out there, and he’s one heck of a writer/former journalist who has also worked for the government. Very insightful writings, and plus he’s working on a sci-fi novel, so that’s cool. Check him out.
  • The Love Pirate’s Ship Log – I went to college, hung out with, and played guitar on occasion with the Love Pirate. When everyone else I knew stopped blogging for various reasons, he was still plugging away with his insightful movie and TV reviews. Keep on keepin’ on!
  • Putting the colossal nature of time and how short our lifespans are in the grand scheme of things into perspective is this post from Wait But Why?  Think about this the next time you’re stuck in traffic, and weep.
  • Recently voted Ugliest Animal Alive, as well as The Animal Most Resembling Comic Strip Character Ziggy, the Blobfish is here, he’s grumpy, and he’s going to ask if he can spend the night in your spare bedroom, but don’t let him, okay?
Good ol' blobfish.
Seriously, this is the most flattering photo they could find?

Everything’s Heavy Underground

Every school has a certain amount of urban legends, right? You’ll hear the occasional tale of a group of guys pushing a vending machine off the roof of one of the dorms, or maybe a story of a student’s mysterious death one night. Most of the time, only the littlest grains of truth back up these stories, but here’s one that’s very true: the underground network of steam tunnels that interconnect most of the buildings on Tech’s campus.
This type of thing is also incredibly interesting to me, even though I’d never actually go out and do any exploring of these tunnels. For one thing, getting caught prowling around down there can be grounds for expulsion (or at least a hefty JR if you live on campus), and in the worst cases, death. But perhaps that just adds to the mystique of the tunnels. They’re off-limits to the ordinary person, and they represent a frontier of the unknown, a dark underground to the familiar campus we know.
That’s probably why there have been bands of “tunnel rats” that have been exploring these tunnels for decades now, and over the years have established websites and guides to VT’s steam tunnels. Again, I do NOT advocate actually going out and doing this yourself, but these sites are still fascinating, especially the sections that talk about old basements and abandoned parts of old campus buildings, and those that describe Stroubles Creek (which now runs under downtown Blacksburg).
A few sections of the sites have pictures detailing their exploits, so give them a once-over, and then start dreaming about your own urban exploration fantasies.
UPDATE (6/15/05): After being contacted by the owner of the former site, I can now direct you to the freshly-updated It’s got all the original tunnel info, plus a bunch of interesting background information on some of the Tech buildings, as well as cool pictures of secret goings-on at Tech. The guy who runs it is a current student as of this update, so there should be updates to the site for a few years to come.

These Apples Are Delicious

There’s a lot going on in the world, but there’s also a few simple things going on that you can feel free to be excited about (I know I sure am):

  • The Wesley Innertube Water Polo juggernaut has rolled on throughout the regular season and the playoffs, and now our women’s team and the co-rec team I play on are both going to the intramural championships this coming Monday night. This is going to be the first intramural championship I’ve ever played in, so no matter the outcome of Monday’s game, I can at least say that much. It really means a lot to a guy like me, who’s never been all that athletic. All the guys on the team were talking about shaving their heads if we win, which may be presumptuous, but it’s funny anyway. As for me, my pate will stay covered, but I think my goatee will have to go if we pull out the championship. It’ll grow back in a week, anyway.
    Funny hats and innertubes that level the playing field? Brilliant!
  • Second thing to be excited about right now: this trailer. I don’t know if I can make it to May 19th!
  • Third thing to be excited about right now: this album. It seems like most of my favorite bands and artists are coming out with new material this spring and summer, and that should equal lots of good musical times for me!

So lift that chin up, folks! Get out there and find stuff to be excited about! Spring is almost officially here!