About the Author

I’m your typical thirty-something guy who grew up in small-town West Virginia and lives near D.C. with my lovely wife, our son Noah, and our dog Heidi. I have an engineering degree and an MBA through Virginia Tech. Like most people who have a blog, I write about things that interest me. This includes distractions and hobbies such as music, pop culture, writing, and photography, but also my observations on navigating the twists and turn of life, especially now that we’re parents. 

My site’s name dates back to circa 1999, when I decided to create a few rag-tag HTML pages hosted through my parents’ ISP and call it a website. Some of my oldest photo galleries date from then and are still hosted here, out of sentimentality. I believe credit for “Project BS” goes to one of my best friends, Joe, who capitalized on my one-time high school nickname.

This blog has existed since 2003, when I got inspired by friends in college who are vastly more tech-savvy than me. The first version involved me manually editing posts with HTML and FrontPage; now, I’m using WordPress and other built-in editors. Simply put, my interest in spending time on coding CSS, HTML, PHP, and so on has waned over the years, so Ramble On’s layout is the 2015 theme available from WordPress. Enjoy your stay. Leave some feedback wherever and however you’d like.